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We are specialist fruit & vegetable purveyors based in Hampshire. We're proud of being able to source the best produce around, and have a passion for foraging too!

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Honey & Sage Roast Parsnips

Honey & Sage Roast Parsnips

Honey roasted parsnips are such a treat. Their nutty, sweet flavour is a wonderful for roast meat, Christmas dinner is the perfect time to take your usual roast parsnips to the next level. 2kg parsnipsA few sage leaves2 tablespoons runny honeyRapeseed oil & a touch of butter -Clean and cut the parsnips into even sizes, Parboil in salted water for…

Southsea Lifestyle Article

Southsea Lifestyle Article

“Foraging has gained popularity in recent years, and we are lucky to have a knowledgeable supplier in our area. Bellord and Brown was started in 2017 by chefs Jason and James, serving restaurants in Portsmouth and the wider area with fresh fruit, vegetables and wild food. You may have seen their produce on the shelves of The Southsea Deli, on…

Charred Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Duck Fat Mayo, Jerusalem Artichoke Crisps & Smoked Paprika

Charred Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Duck Fat Mayo, Jerusalem Artichoke Crisps & Smoked Paprika

Every week we feature a recipe from one of our local chefs featuring ingredients in your box. This month @alex_cooking has charred purple sprouting broccoli with duck fat mayo, smoked paprika and Jerusalem artichoke crisps. This dish is a great way to use up a seasonal glut of PSB. These delicious broccoli spears take on a great taste with a…

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